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Facebook 101

Learn how to use Facebook to win cash and prizes. We will teach you how.

Getting Started with Facebook

Creating a Facebook Account

Before you can use Facebook, you must create an account. Creating a Facebook account is free. All you need to get started is an email address.

1. Visit

2. Click the Sign Up button and then enter your name, email address, birthdate and password. You don’t have to give your real birthdate but we would suggest you use your real name in case you win a prize from a Facebook sweepstakes.

3. Follow some friends or Skip to the next step.

4. Add your eduction and employment or Skip to the next step.

5. Add a profile photo. This is highly recommended. You will want to build up a group of Sweepstakes friends but most will not follow you if you don’t have a profile image. You don’t have to use your own photo but you must put something there. Do you have a photo of a favorite pet, your favorite car, or your favorite flower? Use that but please use something.

6. Confirm your email address. Sign in your email account. Open the confirmation message from Facebook and click the link in the email to complete your Facebook account registration.

Facebook Basics

How to Post a Status Update

To post something out on Facebook, click Facebook at the top left and then click in the box under Update Status where it reads, What’s on your mind?. Type your message and click Post.

You can tag someone by clicking on the icon at the bottom left that shows a person’s head and +.

You can share your location or remove it by clicking the X next to your current location.

Upload an image to go along with your message by clicking on the Camera icon.

Add a Smiley by clicking on the face icon.

Facbook Status Updates

You can decide who to share your message with by clicking the drop-down list to the left of the Post button. You can choose to share it with everyone, a small list of people or just yourself.

Facebook Privacy Settings for post

Sort What You See

You can sort what you see in your News Stream by Top Stories or Most Recent by clicking the drop-down menu just under the Status update box.

Top Stories: Those updates from people you follow that have a lot of interaction: comments, like, shares

Most Recent: All updates from people you follow


How to Follow a Facebook Page

Many times you will have to follow a Facebook page to enter a Facebook sweepstakes. Or, you may want to follow a Facebook page like ours, Sweepstakes Corner, to see new sweepstakes we are posting each day.

When you find the Facebook page you want to follow, click the Like button at the top right.

Click Show in News Feed so you will see that Facebook page’s posts.

If you want to be notified by email or text when that Facebook page posts something, click Get Notifications.

How to get Facebook page notifications

Next, click Settings…

Click All Updates. By Default Facebook will have this set as Most Updates and that means you won’t see everything that page is posting.

How to show all updates by a Facebook page

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